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Attracting Customers To Your New Kiosks

Make your kiosk deployment a success. Attract more customers to your self-service kiosks with our our quick and easy tips.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization to help reduce unnecessary physical interactions.  Interactive kiosks, for example, are helping enterprise retailers, healthcare providers, and more maintain safe distances and complete tasks without the need for physical contact. 

Even with 73% of customers preferring self-service technology over speaking to associates, rolling out self-service kiosks in your physical locations following some best practices will maximize customer satisfaction and usage. You can find a complete list of best practices here. However, look no further if you need a quick and easy hack that doesn’t include signage, lights, or relocation.

One of the best ways to alert customers to your new kiosks is by enlisting the help of a staff member. Here’s how to properly leverage staff to help. 

Train your staff on how to use the new kiosk 

If you have a tablet-based kiosk, like Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, chances are your staff will already be familiar with how it works since it’s just like their mobile devices. Within minutes, the team should complete the transactions in the same way your customers will. 

Leverage staff to help direct people to your new kiosk

Plan to station a staff member near the kiosks to direct customers, especially during the first week or two of your rollout. If you’re experiencing staff limitations (hence the reason for the kiosks), having existing staff remind customers that they also have a self-service kiosk nearby can also help.

Reduce lines before they form

No one likes waiting in lines. However, old habits can be hard to break. Customers may need to be alerted to the self-service kiosks options you have available for them since the experience may be new to your location. For example, Interactive Kiosks can easily handle self-service drop-off and returns in seconds. Yet, if your customers are used to a model without self-service, it may take additional promoting from staff to alert them. Staff can nudge customers by letting them know the Kiosks are available for use while in line. This will drastically speed up the time it takes for customers to utilize your self-service technology.

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As more businesses deploy interactive kiosks across their brick and mortar locations, it’s vital they first understand some best practices to maximize customer satisfaction and usage — especially during the initial stages of your rollout. If you haven’t already, try leveraging the help of your existing staff to alert customers to your new self-service kiosks. 

Alerting customers to your new kiosks early on will get them to embrace the technology more quickly as a result of their positive experience. 


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