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Enhanced customer experience needs to be a priority this year

Retailers need to connect the personal mobile experience shoppers are having  with the digital in-store experience they wish they could have.

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Today’s competitive business landscape requires much more than providing exceptional products and services to succeed. Companies that have prioritized customer experience have gained an edge over their competitors. This can be seen across all industries, from brick-and-mortar stores, and clinics, to hotels and airports. Providing quality interactions with customers has become a crucial factor in driving brand loyalty and boosting revenue. Customer experience is a key element when it comes to deciding between buying options. According to a PwC research survey, 73% of people credit customer experience as a leading factor in their purchasing decisions. However, about half of US consumers say companies are not providing a good customer experience. We need to close that gap.

Furthermore, consumers are even willing to pay for better experiences, 43% of all consumers would pay more for greater convenience. For a hotel stay, guests are willing to pay, 14% more for their room rate if they were provided with a good customer experience. The leading cause of brand abandonment is bad customer experience and negative employee interaction. Thirty-two percent of consumers said they would stop doing business with a brand after just one bad experience. Self-service kiosks can provide a more meaningful customer experience, personalized to them This leads to more frequent, larger purchases, 78% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend brands that personalize.

Self-service kiosks transform the customer experience


Retailers need to connect the personal mobile experience shoppers are having  with the digital in-store experience they wish they could have. In fitting rooms, at greeting points, and across the sales floor, iPad-based kiosks (like the Interactive Kiosk) are hubs for delivering the type of information customers are seeking on their phones.

If they’re stuck in a fitting room, the touch of a screen gives them additional sizing and color options. This is vital as most of the returns process is done because of a sizing issue. This is vital, as 70% of retail shoppers return items due to a sizing issue.

In the doctor’s office, the problems are the same, patient check-in technology has become extremely popular among consumers. Patients can now check-in by simply scanning their personal documents on the interactive kiosk or scanning a bar code on their mobile devices. These personalized experiences allow patients a streamlined check-in process; saving time for patients and staff alike. 

This same check-in process is also being used across the hospitality industry.  Hotels and airlines can provide the same seamless check-in process via a scannable code. With Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, airlines and hotels alike can leverage their existing check-in app and provide a consistent experience across devices. Whereas with legacy systems, the application is often proprietary and does not resemble the mobile and web experiences airlines develop for travelers


Reduced employee stresses 

Working in a customer-facing environment can be very rewarding, but can also eventually lead to stress and employee burnout. Thus providing a less enjoyable customer experience. To combat this many industries have implemented self-service kiosks. Your self-service kiosk should work with your employees to have a more manageable workload. Leading to happier customers with fewer lines and shorter wait times. 







iOS makes it easy 

Consumers have begun demanding iOS. Apple has taken over personal device sales. The average American household owns more than two apple/iOS products. iOS has quickly become a platform that is user-friendly and preferred by consumers.

 The proprietary nature of iOS and its exclusivity to Apple devices is a strong advantage for iPad-based kiosks in terms of device security. All apps in the Apple App store are reviewed by an employee in the company’s App Review division. While this makes pushing an app to the AppStore more difficult, it also helps ensure that users and businesses can trust the apps they download.


Experience-based store design 

Providing customers with appealing environments to interact with your business is another key factor of an enjoyable customer experience. One major benefit of Aila’s Interactive Kiosk™ is the versatility of an ever-changing store design. The easy-to-move kiosk has a variety of mounting options that makes moving kiosks around your environment simple:

  • Floor stand
  • Wall mount
  • Pole mount
  • Table mount
  • Freestanding base

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