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Healthcare Kiosk Solutions- How iPads Dominate the Competition

Healthcare Kiosk Solutions from Aila Technologies offers patients and practices superior experiences, performance and outcomes. See how.

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Healthcare kiosk solutions provide patients a quick, convenient, and safe way to check-in and out of office appointments. They also improve patient satisfaction scores, enhance clinical outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare delivery costs.

As the demand for telehealth and mobile technologies continues to proliferate across healthcare, visiting doctor’s offices, hospitals, and pharmacies will always be a vital part of the healthcare continuum — even during the digital revolution and the global pandemics— as recent history has shown.

Many healthcare practices are now taking a closer look at healthcare kiosk solutions in an effort to quickly automate processes like check-ins, pickup, verification, and copayments since they can be extremely effective at providing patients an ultra-convenient digital front door while streamlining operations. 

Healthcare Kiosk Solutions from Aila

As such, the healthcare kiosk market is growing, and it pays to know which healthcare kiosk solutions patients will find easy to use, keep costs down, and provide practices, patient service centers, or pharmacies the highest return on investment.  

Which healthcare kiosk solution can deliver on all three? You may be surprised to learn that iPad-based kiosks offer superior user experience, scalability, performance, and lower operating costs than competing healthcare kiosk systems. Here’s how iPad-based kiosks dominate alternative healthcare kiosk solutions.


The platform patients and staff know and love.

Apple devices have been so successful in part because they are incredibly simple to use. Many of your patients already have one in their pocket; if they don’t, they at least understand how to use one.

Likewise, your employees are also familiar with the intuitive design of iOS devices, which facilitates ease of entry and means less time training them on proprietary systems and less likelihood that they will make a costly mistake.

The bright screen and market-leading screen resolution also give the iPad an advantage over other systems, making it easier to read and interact with. 

Healthcare Kiosk Performance 

Apple devices like the iPad boast a number of performance advantages right out of the box. With processors up to 5x faster than Android competitors (based on Geekbench 5 scores), the iPhone and iPad have a clear processing power advantage.

Healthcare Kiosks such as Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, also leverage the superior cameras on the latest iOS/iPadOS devices which have up to 40x more resolution than traditional scanning technology. This enables a range of touchless workflows by scanning blurry, faded, or damaged barcodes and IDs much easier, faster, and more reliable than external scan engines. 

Long-term value

While Android-based devices may seem appealing based on the sticker price, they typically come with much higher maintenance costs and lack long-term support. For example, Android devices barely support two-year product cycles, which means fewer upgrades and shorter device life spans. Between issues with usability and security and the short refresh cycle, this can add significant costs, especially for large-scale deployments.

Apple devices, on the other hand, have historically offered support for their devices for five or more years after they are no longer manufactured. iOS also makes it easy for IT departments to refresh and upgrade fleets of iPad-based kiosks. Since Apple is behind both the OS and the device hardware, all updates come from one place and can also be easily managed by an MDM, giving IT teams added control on when to push updates across their fleet. This is much more efficient than having to manually upgrade devices across each physical location.

More than iPad holders

When it comes to deploying healthcare kiosk solutions, architecture matters. While simple “iPad holders” may work for small practices looking to add one or two healthcare kiosks to their practice, large-scale deployments require healthcare kiosk solutions that are built for high-volume and large-scale deployments. Top-performing healthcare kiosks like Interactive Kiosk leverage the power, performance, and security of iPads and offer an integrated scanning engine that easily integrates with iOS-friendly apps— giving healthcare practices more control of the patient experience — while working with your patient engagement platforms, EMR and EHR of choice. 

For a free consultation on how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk can help your large-scale deployment, contact us.


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