Five Benefits of Automating Warehouse Order Picking with Robots

By Aila Staff

March 7, 2023

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the use of semi-autonomous robots for warehouse order picking. This is because they offer a range of benefits that can help companies to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs. 

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk serves as a powerful head unit for semiautonomous robots, providing a vital user-friendly bridge between robots and warehouse workers. Further, Aila’s powerful scanning captures 45+ barcode types including difficult-to-scan codes such as small, damaged, blurry, or plastic-wrapped barcodes that are common in warehouse environments. For this reason, the Interactive Kiosk is trusted by some of the world’s top warehouse and distribution providers. 

1. Improved Accuracy

One of the most significant benefits of using semi-autonomous robots for warehouse order picking is that they can improve accuracy. With robots handling the picking process, there is a lower chance of errors occurring due to fatigue, distraction, or human error. This means that customers receive the correct items, reducing the risk of returns and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, robots can work continuously without needing breaks, which increases productivity and reduces the need for additional staff.

2. Increased Efficiency

Another benefit of using semi-autonomous robots for warehouse order picking is that they can increase efficiency. Robots are able to move quickly and efficiently through the warehouse, picking up items and delivering them to the appropriate location. This can save time and reduce the amount of manual labor required, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses that have high order volumes or tight deadlines. Additionally, robots can work 24/7, which means that orders can be fulfilled faster, reducing lead times and improving customer satisfaction.

When working alongside humans, these robots can also reduce physical strain on warehouse employees caused by walking on hard floors. Further, they can reduce the risk of collisions and injury that can occur when a number of employees are on the warehouse floor. 

Aila portrait scanning warehouse kiosk for iPad at Locus Robotics

3. Cost Savings

Using semi-autonomous robots for warehouse order picking can also lead to cost savings. While there is an initial investment required to purchase and install the robots, this can be offset by the long-term savings that they can provide. For example, robots do not require salaries, benefits, or breaks, which means that they can work around the clock without incurring additional costs. Additionally, robots can be programmed to optimize their paths through the warehouse, reducing the time and energy required to pick items. This can lead to significant savings in terms of labor and energy costs.

4. Improved Safety

Another benefit of using semi-autonomous robots for warehouse order picking is that they can improve safety. Warehouses can be dangerous environments, with heavy items, hazardous materials, and moving equipment. By automating some or most of the order picking process, robots can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Robots can be programmed to avoid collisions with other equipment or workers, and they can handle heavy items with ease, reducing the risk of strain injuries. This can create a safer working environment for employees and reduce the risk of liability for the business.

5. Scalability

Finally, using semi-autonomous robots for warehouse order picking can offer scalability. As businesses grow and their order volumes increase, it can be challenging to keep up with demand using manual labor alone. However, robots can be easily scaled up to meet the needs of the business. Additional robots can be added as required, and they can be programmed to work in sync with each other, optimizing the order picking process. This can help businesses to keep up with demand without having to invest in additional staff or equipment.

To learn about how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk can integrate with semi-autonomous order-picking robots, contact sales: 

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